Maximo Transportation User Group Winter Webinar

When:  Jan 13, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (PT)
The Winter Maximo Transportation User Group Webinar has a great presentation lineup! See some of the featured presentations here...

About this Event

ZPro Solutions welcomes you to the Maximo Transportation Users Group Winter Event!

The IBM/Maximo Transportation User Group encompasses all facets of transportation including Rail, Trucking, Fleet, Airport, Vessel, Boats, Etc.  

Here are a few of the featured presentations at our upcoming Winter meeting on January 13th, 2021.

  • United States Antarctic Program - ASC Supporting the World’s Longest Supply Chain - "Our story is perhaps a little bit different from most based upon where it happens. It’s a story of logistical and technical challenges that have served to shape how we use Maximo. The capabilities are driven by what is required to operate in this remote and hostile environment, serving to make our use case one of the more complicated in the world."
  • A Transit Case Study: Asset Investment Planning (AIP) case studies from projects at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and The London Underground. We will be discussing 5 key Asset Investment Planning topics as follows:

1. What is the line of sight to your asset’s performance and risk?

2. What optimal interventions should be conducted on your assets and when?

3. What does the trade-off analysis look like on your asset classes?

4. Can you visualize your 5,10, 20-year capital asset plans, and are they aligned to your corporate objectives?

5.Are you developing asset management plans to support processes to effectively manage your assets, and to articulate needs to your stakeholders?

Speaker: Dan Scott – Arcadis Gen, A highly motivated Senior Manager with over 10 years’ experience in Strategic Asset Management within the transport sector and over 8 years of experience in advanced analytics, data science, and applied decision theory. A Member of the Institute of Asset Management with a proven track record of delivering transformational digital solutions across a range of sectors to deliver significant business efficiencies and develop robust long term plans.

  • IBM Maximo® for Civil Infrastructure, an extension of Maximo Application Suite, merges digital intelligence with engineering know-how. It helps operators safely monitor, manage, and maintain infrastructure assets, predict failures, and prioritize repairs.
  • Maximo Lift & Shift – Moving Maximo to the Cloud More organizations are considering moving to the cloud, as the cloud continues to be enhanced in performance, security and reliability. You should be prepared, so we will discuss a few of the big items to simplify the migration.

- Authentication: Native Maximo or SAML – the new preference for single sign- on and why

- Integrations: Preferably REST and why

- Alterations to Maximo: Leveraging the toolset provided with Maximo and why


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