Requirements Collaboration in a Remote Working World

When:  Jul 1, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM (ET)

Due to current circumstances, normally tightly coupled teams have found themselves scattered to the four winds as a result of remote 'working from home'. This means that business analysts, systems engineers, development teams etc. are experiencing an extreme version of 'distributed teams working'.  So how do you best collaborate on project requirements when your normal face to face practices are no longer available. Do Zoom, Teams, Webex really replace this? Or would your teams benefit from a dedicated capability specifically built for collaboration by distributed teams?

Find out how you, your peers, your internal and external customers, even your suppliers, can collaborate while working remotely, and where they can:

·     Co-write requirement specifications in a collaborative environment, with built in change control
·     Raise comments on others work
·     Work collaboratively with their customers and suppliers, ensuring higher quality output
·     Formalise review of requirements
·     Baseline their work

All of this functionality can be provided using a fast to deploy cloud system with a built-in audit trail, and where reports on status are easily available to improve project governance. Truth is, current constraints are simply highlighting - in extremis - issues that already existed in many organisation’s practices. Find out how by helping to resolve today's issues, you will also bring about a more productive tomorrow.