Webinar - IBM ELM’s Model Driven Development Software Testing using Parasoft

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When:  Jun 9, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PT)
In alliance with IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and particularly for model driven development, Parasoft’s product portfolio is serving the software industry in development of safety and security critical applications. In an anxious market, and with IBM’s end-to-end lifecycle management approach, detect defects early and save money by integrating Parasoft’s C/C++test into the development of software for embedded safety- and security-critical applications. Ensure compliance with a variety of industry process standards, including safety, and security coding standards. Also satisfy requirements in unit testing, structural code coverage and on-target hardware validation of your auto generated code in model driven development. Parasoft C/C++test also integrates tightly into your C and C++ IDE, CI/CD pipeline and containerized deployments to fulfil today’s high-velocity Agile DevOps/DevSecOps ecosystems.

Come learn about our collaborative solution on:

  • Static code analysis
  • Unit testing
  • Structural code coverage
  • Short live demo

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the leading platform for today’s complex product and software development. ELM extends the functionality of standard ALM tools, providing an integrated, end-to-end solution that offers full transparency and traceability across all engineering data. From requirements through testing and deployment, ELM optimizes collaboration and communication across all stakeholders, improving decision- making, productivity and overall product quality.

Presenter: Ricardo Camacho or Parasoft