Webinar - Software Reuse in Automotive Engineering

When:  Jun 24, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (ET)
There are few engineering approaches that have as large an impact on software quality and time to market than engineering for reuse. Most engineers are familiar with reuse from a mechanical platform approach (e.g. Volkswagen's MQB platform). In this session, we will cover the business drivers and the type of results that a software platform approach can achieve. This will include interactive questions and answers regarding the business and organizational challenges associated with this type of transformation, as well as the engineering processes associated with achieving a common software platform. We will finish with a live demonstration of how IBM uniquely supports this approach within our Engineering Lifecycle Management suite. We will clearly show the advantages of sophisticated configuration management over typical "clone and own" methodologies common in automotive today.

Brett Hillhouse
Global Industry Leader
IBM AI Applications

Andy Lapping
Technical Enablement Specialist and SME
AI Applications - Engineering Lifecycle Management


Mark Kovich