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Learn how to increase the operational efficiency of the assets you manage, and improve overall equipment effectiveness by using IoT data and AI.



Reduce the operational costs of the facilities you manage, and create more engaging occupant experiences through the application of IoT data and AI.



Learn how IoT data and AI are being applied to transform the end-to-end engineering lifecycle.

Welcome to the Community Group for Maximo Integration and Scripting.

This group is managed by the Maximo Integration and Scripting teams. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of Maximo's Integration and Scripting capabilities.

In the Library tab of this group, use the Folder view to search and access content for Integration and Scripting.  Postings cover features, configuration and links to additional content related both topics. Note: Relevant content that previously resided in the Maximo Wiki (developerWorks) is being moved to this Community Group (in-progress as of mid-March 2020).

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