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This group is managed by the Maximo Integration and Scripting teams. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of Maximo's Integration and Scripting capabilities.

In the Library tab of this group, use the Folder view to search and access content for Integration and Scripting.  Postings cover features, configuration and links to additional content related both topics. Note: Relevant content that previously resided in the Maximo Wiki (developerWorks) is being moved to this Community Group (in-progress as of mid-March 2020).

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  • Hello guys, We want to have SSO in Maximo. We have are implementing Maximo 7.6 instance with multiple identity providers (e.g. Azure AD & Ping Identity) Can any one help and guide... is that possible.. if yes then how and all? Regards... ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, We are trying to add mail notification for any error message stucks in the Message Tracking Application.We are trying to find out any OOB method so that we can get mail alert for any stucked message. We have gone through various technotes available ...

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  • Maximo Formulas were introduced from Version 761, which has been a powerful feature when it comes to using basic Excel-like grammar to define expressions that use input from variables to calculate a value. The existing formulas may not be utilized when ...

  • Hello, Does any one have the experience that integrate maximo with cognos? I have maximo 7.6.1 and congos analytic 11.1.6 installed. after follow the guide I can open cognos portal from maximo protal. however I can't publish ROS to cognos. I have ...

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