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Welcome to the Community Group for Maximo Integration and Scripting.

This group is managed by the Maximo Integration and Scripting teams. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of Maximo's Integration and Scripting capabilities.

In the Library tab of this group, use the Folder view to search and access content for Integration and Scripting.  Postings cover features, configuration and links to additional content related both topics. Note: Relevant content that previously resided in the Maximo Wiki (developerWorks) is being moved to this Community Group (in-progress as of mid-March 2020).

Please note that the Maximo Team will monitor posts to insure content is beneficial to all users. Any spam content will be removed.

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Latest Discussions

  • Hi Mauricio, Despite I don't fully see how that works with several material lines. As far as I know the flat structure is a transformation from xml structure alphabetical order per object. My suggestion would be to add ATTRIBUTE_X as non persistent field ...

  • Mauricio, This scenario is a little hard to follow, but from what I gather you are saying that you only want to process one attribute that appears on both objects. Not knowing what the specific attribute is, adds a bit to the mystery here but, it is ...

  • Hi everyone, currently we have an integration process via delimited separated values flat file to SAP system to integrate workorders and planned records in one file. We use an object structure, publish channel, external system to support flat file. The ...

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  • A simple example to run a backend update statement stored in Condition Expression Manager, using Automaton Script. Here I am updating the Inventory attributes such as Issue 1 Year Ago, Issue 2 year ago and Issue 3 year ago which is updated once every ...