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IBM® Maximo® is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system enabling you to manage all of your assets!

Within this sub-community, you’ll find detailed information within the Library, Blog and Discussion sections on Maximo’s

 .  Asset, work, inventory and more features and functionality

 .  Configuration features including Application Designer and Database Configuration

 .  Industry Solutions – including Utilities, Linear, Service Provider

 .  Best Practices and Performance Information

And lots more!


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Latest Discussions

  • Maximo utilizes UTF-8. On SQL Server in particular, while SQL Server now supports UTF-8 (previously it only supported UTF-16), Maximo does not currently support that functionality on SQL Server. What is stored in the database on SQL Server will have to ...

  • Hello, Maximo may suppot utf-8 or ucs-2 depending on the database that is running. Also worth checking against the version installed for TPAE in System info. Ibm ...

  • Hi Technical Guys Out of UTF-8, UCS-2, UTF-16, UCS-16, ISO 8559 which character sets are supported by Maximo regards ------------------------------ mx pro ------------------------------

Latest Blogs

  • Starboard Consulting is 'stretching out' from traditional Maximo functional webinar content - to bring you a new and exciting webinar on managing Maximo projects with Agile. Using a network panel discussion format, a team of Starboard's Project Managers ...

  • Escalating challenges from the pandemic are severely impacting higher education facilities. From - Exponentially increasing services for cleaning and virus testing - Complex re-arrangements in all buildings to reduce contact/population ...

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