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IBM® Maximo® is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system enabling you to manage all of your assets!

Within this sub-community, you’ll find detailed information within the Library, Blog and Discussion sections on Maximo’s

 .  Asset, work, inventory and more features and functionality

 .  Configuration features including Application Designer and Database Configuration

 .  Industry Solutions – including Utilities, Linear, Service Provider

 .  Best Practices and Performance Information

And lots more!


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  • If you adjust the quantity in the existing bin, that will correct things for now, but eventually someone will probably do a cycle count and adjust the quantity back down. I'd recommend adding a second bin, even if you just call it "overstock." eSignature ...

  • Only some items we have two BINs because the quantity too large to fit on the shelves but not many of those we have. However, it's happened to be on this item that kick out PR because of that. I have my store guy adjust the quantity on existing BIN to ...

  • If you have two bins in the same storeroom, Maximo should look at the sum of the two bins, plus qty on PR/PO for the storeroom, minus expired, minus reserved, and compare that to Reorder Point. If that calculation returns a value less than or equal to ...

Latest Blogs

  • Starboard Consulting is 'stretching out' from traditional Maximo functional webinar content - to bring you a new and exciting webinar on managing Maximo projects with Agile. Using a network panel discussion format, a team of Starboard's Project Managers ...

  • Escalating challenges from the pandemic are severely impacting higher education facilities. From - Exponentially increasing services for cleaning and virus testing - Complex re-arrangements in all buildings to reduce contact/population ...

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