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IBM Maximo Anywhere is Maximo Enterprise Asset Management connected and dis-connected mobile solution. Maximo Anywhere seamlessly integrates capabilities from all Maximo’s asset solutions, providing a single, end-to-end enterprise solution for improving productivity in the field.

This group is managed by IBM’s global Maximo Anywhere team. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of the Anywhere solution.

Within this group, you can find postings related to the use, deployment, administration, management, configuration of the Maximo Anywhere applications.

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Latest Discussions

  • Hi guys, I hope you can help/guide me with following issue. Version: 7.6.4 Anywhere application: Work Technician Issue: Users have difficulty in finding a correct location or asset when creating a new work order. Need a better way of getting ...

  • Very glad to hear that the labor actuals are appearing as unapproved. That makes sense. I was lazy and did not want to test it on my VM or to tear into the code to find out whether that attribute was being set in the offline handle or not. Thanks for ...

  • Thanks Bradley. Regarding your question, " When you create the labor transactions on the front end with Anywhere, are the labor transactions submitted to Maximo as approved or do they appear as unapproved after sent to Maximo?" It looks like it's ...

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