Maximo Anywhere



Learn how to increase the operational efficiency of the assets you manage, and improve overall equipment effectiveness by using IoT data and AI.



Reduce the operational costs of the facilities you manage, and create more engaging occupant experiences through the application of IoT data and AI.



Learn how IoT data and AI are being applied to transform the end-to-end engineering lifecycle.

IBM Maximo Anywhere is Maximo Enterprise Asset Management connected and dis-connected mobile solution. Maximo Anywhere seamlessly integrates capabilities from all Maximo’s asset solutions, providing a single, end-to-end enterprise solution for improving productivity in the field.

This group is managed by IBM’s global Maximo Anywhere team. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of the Anywhere solution.

Within this group, you can find postings related to the use, deployment, administration, management, configuration of the Maximo Anywhere applications.

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  • Hi Ryan, Did you got this issue resolved? I too got the same error while running the build all command for Anywhere 7.6.4 Thanks Karthik ------------------------------ Karthik M ------------------------------

  • Hello team, Maximo Anywhere no longer performs data synchronization with Maximo Asset Management. When changing the status of a work order in the Anywhere mobile application, I have this error message at the eclispe console, during synchronization ...

  • Hi Srini, Yes, you need to open the app in XCode simulator. Then you'll see index.html from Develop > Simulator in Safari Technology Preview ------------------------------ May On Tech Support IBM ------------------------------

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  • Subscribe today to the Maximo Anywhere You Tube Channel at !!! You'll find an extensive suite of videos including Work Technician Application demonstrations Inventory Management Application demonstrations ...

  • Hi! Hope you were able to attend the April 2020 webinar on Maximo Anywhere! The webinar was packed with an overview of Anywhere 7.6.4, a Coor Client presentation, along with a demo and questions and answers. If you missed the session, you can access ...

  • Do you remember Cypher in the Matrix? “You get used to it; I don't even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead.” With the new Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4 the set-up is simplified and streamlined. ...

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  • On April 14, 2020, IBM announced End Of Support for Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2.x and 7.6.3.x releases. End of Support date for Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2.x will be April 30, 2021 . End of Support date for Maximo Anywhere 7.6.3.x will be September ...

  • Interested in learning more about Maximo Anywhere product features? Bookmark this page to view the latest Maximo Anywhere product features - including long tap, split screens, configuring Anywhere queries and much, much more!