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Guide to Business Process Automation

  • 1.  Guide to Business Process Automation

    Posted Tue April 07, 2020 09:38 AM

    All companies need to get the most out of their sources. Aside from getting more profit, businesses always strive towards decreasing overall operational costs.

    Technology has assisted us in resolving some of the most challenging difficulties where human potential is just not enough, and for each big problem that is resolved using technology, many other small issues are also solved.

    Surviving in the nowadays ambitious world needs businesses to utilize possible resources and make appropriate important decisions efficiently. To limit the wastage of resources, many companies are turning towards process automation resolutions.

    Business process automation has developed as a way to take out several tasks without the requirement for any standard input. IT units in organizations extensively use automation to efficiently provision technology sources, cut operational money, and optimize overall utilization.

    The advantages of IT process automation are limitless. If you manage a business or are considering of setting one up, you should think to incorporate process automation.

    According to a statement titled The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018 by Forrester, up to 22 percent of companies have still not process perfection and workflow automation. These are essential features for customer comfort and growing income. If you want to have a growing list of happy customers, you require to start concentrating on process perfection. Business process automation is a honest, effective way to get fired on that route.

    What is business process automation (BPA)?

    BPA is the usage of technology to perform recurring tasks or processes in a business where regular effort can be returned. It is done to manage cost minimization, higher performance, and modernized processes.

    BPA is not to be confused with business process administration, which is a broader discipline including the management of complex organization-wide methods using various methodologies.

    BPA examples

    For a better knowledge of business process automation, let's get you through a few use cases.

    Worker onboarding

    Although hiring workers may seem like a fuss-free process, it includes multiple responsibilities. Filling out employee data forms, setting up installation sessions, providing training gatherings, setting up bank statements, obtaining relevant records, and hiring mentors are just a few of the projects included.

    Without automation, the whole process can become quite turbulent and succeed in:

    • countless paperwork
    • employee displeasure
    • lower productivity
    • dropping out on some tasks

    Implementing business process automation to worker onboarding will guarantee stable transitions from one task to the next, having relevant workers in the loop and providing clarity into the status of the process.

    Purchase orders

    Purchase order inquiries are recurring processes in most companies. The requesting team fills out a card and gives it to the purchasing team. The approving officials then review the request and deny the application in case data is incomplete or if there are budgetary restrictions. It is then transferred back to the requesting team. If accepted, a purchase order is produced and copies are sent to the supplier as well as the inventory team.

    Without automation, the following problems could crop up:

    • Delayed PO endorsement
    • Impacted productivity
    • Incomplete reports
    • Mistakes in the PO
    • Errors while receiving delivery of the supplies

    BPA can assist improve responsibility, transparency and allow accurate data reporting, which can be obtained by appropriate stakeholders when needed. It will also learn all process-related information within the workflow to make shooting more comfortable and faster.

    Why should you automate business processes?

    Here are some compelling causes to automate your company processes.

    Moving stone to digital change

    Digital transformation can look like a lofty strong goal to businesses that aren't on that path. BPA can be a stepping-stone to choosing that culture of constant transformation. You can begin with a few processes that are simply in need of a way of change and progressively work your way up.


    Automation requires a certain amount of evidence about the process right at the conception stage. If you don't understand the tasks required and the people engaged in running the process, you can't create and automate the workflow correctly.

    Extra, process mapping can give clarity to all workers and serve as a foundation resource as well. The insights you get from investigating an automated process can simply show you the gap within your means as is and as it should ideally be.

    Modernized processes

    One of the excellent results of the process automation operation is streamlined processes. Clear responsibility, customizable announcements, valuable insights, and faster turnaround times make it more comfortable with eliminating wasteful activities and focusing on enhancing duties that add value.


    With BPA, every aspect of a particular process is registered. This information can be performed to demonstrate agreement during inspections.

    Standardization of services

    When you automate a business process, you can require a consistent pattern of outcomes every moment. Standardization supports to place your organization as strong, which in turn can help improve your customer base.

    Client satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is a significant differentiator in any business. Concentrating on the process and operational distinction helps you exceed client expectations with comfort. When you consistently meet guaranteed standards, clients are more likely to produce a preference for your business.

    What company processes should you automate?

    BPA is not limited to a handful of functions. Some parts that can show the need for automation include

    1. High-volume of tasks
    2. Many people required to perform tasks
    3. Time-sensitive characteristics
    4. An important influence on other processes and systems
    5. Need for compliance and review paths

    If an activity fits all the criteria listed above, you likely need to automate your company process.

    To provide you a clearer idea, here are some generally automated processes in businesses.

    • Employee leave requests
    • Procurement
    • Call center processes
    • Sales orders
    • Creating customer case studies
    • Data aggregation and migration
    • Backup and restoration
    • Invoicing
    • Collections
    • Product launches
    • Lead nurturing
    • Time and attendance tracking
    • Payroll
    • E-mail and push notifications
    • Helpdesk support

    Advantages of BPA tools

    Once you have automated your business processes, you can await to see many benefits.

    You'll notice a boost in productivity made about by enhanced way. Cloud-based company process automation instruments store your data in a primary database. This assists you access data from any place or device whenever you require it.

    Your company processes will become much more clear. You can follow and control processes while they are working, which can improve responsibility and visibility.

    The ability to control processes on the go will also assist you keep a lookout for mistakes, fixing them as they happen. Review reports will provide you with insights so you can take defensive actions against recurring mistakes.

    From a long-term view, you'll begin to see faster turnaround times and a decrease in costs due to fewer standard interventions.

    You'll also find yourself in a situation to enhance your workforce allocation since the form will handle all regular recurring jobs. This way, you can redirect your workers into tasks that require human effort and experience.

    The BPA scheme will eventually enable growing company efficiency. Because it is based on the idea of continuous process development, energy levels will keep rising in answer.

    Best methods in BPA

    Simply signing up for a company process automation tool may not guarantee progress. You'll require to take a pragmatic, thorough way to automate your business rules.

    Here are remarkable suggestions on how you can get automation a success.

    • Begin with an explicit knowledge of what tasks are included, who is reliable and when each task requires to be done.
    • Guarantee that you have explicitly defined purposes when you automate a business process.
    • Test results with a phased program. Many businesses are frustrated when the returns don't materialize overnight.
    • Spend enough time in training workers and factor in an improvement period.
    • Choose a long-term opportunity to experience great RoI.
    • Use readymade answers where possible.

    Melissa Thompson