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How to setup Message Tracking mail alert

  • 1.  How to setup Message Tracking mail alert

    Posted Thu May 13, 2021 04:27 PM


    We are trying to add mail notification for any error message stucks in the Message Tracking Application.We are trying to find out any OOB method so that we can get mail alert for any stucked message.

    We have gone through various technotes available over internet and came across the following properties with their value that we have edited in order to receive mails.

    1) In System properties -

    a) --
    b) -- We enter one of our's email address
    c) - we have verified that the path mentioned in this field is able to store any xml file that we export through external system
    d) -- set the value as UTF-8
    e) -- localhost ( we were able to receive mails for account password change)
    f) --

    2)Object Structure -- MESSAGETRACK which consists of PR and PR line table

    3)Publish Channel -- PR with Message Tracking enabled and store messge checkbox checked. We have also enabled the Event Listner for the same.

    4)Enterprise Service -- SDPR_T with Message Tracking enabled and store messge checkbox checked

    5)External System -- EXSYS_T with end point as MXXMLFILE we have added the Enterprise services and Publish Channel.

    When we tried to import an error xml from this external system we were not able find any Error folder created in the global directory (F:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\ctgAppSrv01\MeaGlobalDirs) but we can see an entry in Table MAXINTERRORMSG.

    We have checked a technote as per that the maximo version 7.5 and higher will not be creating any error folder but the records will be stored in the database. Below is the link for the same please confirm on this.

    Please let us know what we are missing which is not enabling mail alerts. Below are the links through which we have gone through:






    6)The MIF Error Message is not displayed on both servers' applications


    Brij Singh

    Brij Singh