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Maximo IoT Academy has moved to IBM Skills Gateway

By Pam Denny posted Mon April 06, 2020 06:24 AM

Looking for some great on-line courses on Maximo?

Access the new IBM Skills Gateway - the new home for the Watson IoT Academy!

To locate Maximo courses, select 'Access the full Watson IoT learning course catalog' as highlighted by the red arrow below.

A number of courses will then be displayed

Sign in - and then use the search and refine options to find the best Maximo Course for you!

Enjoy the extensive suite of Maximo courses - including badges, journeys and certifications!
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Wed July 22, 2020 10:22 PM

First FYI -- You need to have flash enabled!!

With the switch from Watson IoT Academy to this site, any self tracking or management of courses completed online has disappeared unless you sign up for a "subscription" ($2400 a year).  It appears that this new site will only record self-paced completion only if you purchase a subscription. I determined this because I recently came thru this site and took a several self-paced courses (and took them several times) to evaluate the "move" to the new site which appears to not recognize completion status of self-paced courses (no matter how you do on the quiz -- i.e. even if you ace it), unless you have purchased a subscription.