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TRIRIGA Tuesday Webinar Replay | Optimizing Workplace Management & Utilization with TRIRIGA Building Insights

By Jael Whitney posted Wed April 27, 2022 11:20 AM


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Traditional challenges faced by real estate leaders have become more complex. Real estate is the 2nd highest cost item for most enterprises. They are tasked with managing and optimizing facilities while ensuring that the occupant experience is at the forefront of their strategy. Space Intelligence technologies can help address these challenges.

TRIRIGA Building Insights (TBI) uses AI to synthesize real-time occupancy data from IoT devices, sensors, and existing wi-fi infrastructure to give Space Planners insights on how they are executing on plans set in TRIRIGA. This solution can help Space Planners to effectively manage allocated spaces, identify opportunities for chargeback updates, maximize scheduled-based sharing and even find opportunities for floor or building consolidation where spaces are underutilized, all of which can help drive down costs. Join us in this TRIRIGA Tuesday session to learn more about the capabilities of TBI.