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Engineering Enlightenment Webinar Replay | Leveraging Human Intelligence to Access the Power of Intelligent Systems

By Jael Whitney posted Fri July 10, 2020 04:20 PM


Leveraging Human Intelligence to Access the Power of Intelligent Systems

Date: Thursday, July 9th
Time: 12:00PM EDT

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Technology applications are trending rapidly toward encouraging dependence upon AI and ML to supplant human responsibility and leadership.  “Smart” machines are providing analytical advantages that can forecast trouble, rapidly matrix a response and execute a solution with precision.  But is human intelligence keeping pace with the demands AI and ML place upon us for terminal decision-making?  What have we learned from the Spassky/Deep Blue challenge? We’ll discuss how to leverage human capacity with the Machine and the human requirements associated with intelligent systems.

This webinar is a complement to our ELM (Engineering Lifecycle Management) Solutions. The IBM-QMI (Quality Management Institute) program focuses on accelerating time-to-market of deliverables within the assurance framework of rigor, due diligence, and systems thinking in "lean" and "agile" work environments.

Presenter: Dr. Larry Kennedy of Quality Management Institute - President

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Jael Whitney
AI Applications Business Development