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Engineering Enlightenment Webinar Replay | IBM Engineering Reporting v7.0 (JRS, PUB, ENI)

By Jael Whitney posted Mon July 06, 2020 11:00 AM


IBM Engineering Reporting v7.0 (JRS, PUB, ENI)

Date: May 14, 2020, 2:00 pm
Presenter: Fariz Saracevic of IBM – Sr. Offering Manager

This session provides an overview what’s new in IBM Engineering Reporting v7.0 (Jazz Reporting Service (JRS), IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Publishing (PUB) and IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Engineering Insights (ENI). JRS is IBM Engineering reporting solution for when users wants to create traceability and statistical reports. It allows you to quickly and easily consolidate data from a variety of sources across your applications and project areas. PUB automates the generation of document-style reports across your deployed IBM Engineering and third-party tools, whether these reports are needed for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight, or ad hoc use. It allows the creation of high quality documents in formats like PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, or XSL. ENI helps users visualize, analyze and gain insight from your engineering lifecycle data. Engineering teams can improve their understanding of the relationships in complex lifecycle data and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Listen to May 14th recording here.

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