Claudia Beisiegel

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I've been with IBM for a couple of decades. Started out working for IBM in Germany at the lab in Boeblingen. I worked on building z/OS fixpacks and fixing issues in a program that administered hardware. I then moved to Toronto and worked at the IBM lab on Eglington Ave. I started working with the WebSphere team there with a focus on z/OS. This brought me in contact with the team in Poughkeepsie, NY. After 3 years in Toronto I moved to Poughkeepsie and worked with the WebSphere team for over 5 years as a development manager and project manager. I had my kids there - twin boys, who are now 13. We moved again to the west coast: San Francisco. After my maternity leave I joined the WebSphere team again and have been working on various WebSphere projects as a Project manager, then Program manager. I've expanded my responsibilities to include Operations Manager, NPS focal point and now to building up a Customer Advisory Board.
In my free time I am a soccer mom, runner, tri-athlete, workout addict and love rowing, although I haven't been able to do it much lately.