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Using some of the more advanced features of the LoopBackRequest node

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Mon July 13, 2020 11:43 AM


IBM Integration Bus v10.0.0.6 provides the LoopBackRequest node which is a new node that allows flow developers to easily create, retrieve, update and delete data records in external systems such as MongoDB, Cloudant and PostgreSQL.

In my previous post, a Basic Introduction to Using the LoopBackRequest node, I provided a simple example that retrieved data from a MongoDB database which explained how to:

  • Install LoopBack connectors.
  • Configure connections to backend systems using LoopBack datasources.
  • Use the LoopBackRequest node to retrieve data from a backend system.

In this post I will illustrate some of the more advanced features that are available with the LoopBackRequest node. To facilitate that, we will extend the message flow that was used in the first article to:

  • Use LocalEnvironment filters to select a subset of the documents from a MongoDB SHAREPRICE collection.
  • Install and configure a second LoopBack connector to enable connections to a Cloudant database running as a service in IBM Bluemix.
  • Use some of the information from the matching SHAREPRICE documents retrieved from MongoDB to create COMPANY documents in a Cloudant database called ‘demodb‘, using another LoopBackRequest node.
  • Use a LoopBack model to retrieve the COMPANY documents in a specified order from the Cloudant database.
(see attached PDF for full article)


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