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Using an HTTP Forward Proxy server with IBM Integration Bus

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Fri July 10, 2020 05:28 AM

Introducing IBM Integration Bus v10 Fix Pack 9’s extended capabilities

In this video, we demonstrate the new capability in IBM Integration Bus v10.0.0.9, which allows you to easily use an HTTP Forward Proxy server that has authentication enabled.

We show;

  • how you can configure the HTTP-based nodes and the Salesforce Request node to use a proxy server
  • how you can store the userid and password in IIB if a proxy server has authentication enabled

2 comments on"Using an HTTP Forward Proxy server with IBM Integration Bus"

  1. Waleed Abu-Yahia July 19, 2017


    I have one question here regarding setting the user name and password for the proxy server using mqsisetdbparms command, does it work for IIB (Fix pack 5) also when using ssl connection with proxy server will it work? since for ssl connection it is mentioned in IBM documentation that you need to provide the ProxyConnectHeader in order to make the connect call.

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    • SanjayNagchowdhury July 19, 2017

      Hi Waleed,

      The capability was added in You can use ProxyConnectHeaders in the LocalEnvironment, but we have simplified the way to use a proxy server with authentication enabled by providing a way to set the userid and password using mqsisetdbparms. It is not available in