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Troubleshoot running integrations by using diagnostic tracing in IBM App Connect

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Thu July 23, 2020 09:12 AM

The IBM App Connect enterprise capability allows you to run integrations, which are developed on premises in App Connect Enterprise software, in the cloud. In earlier releases, you were required to develop and test your integrations on premises before deploying them to the cloud once completely working. And you had to debug any major functional issues on premises.

In the latest release of App Connect, we’ve added the ability to collect both user and service diagnostic trace information to help you debug a flow running in the cloud, which eliminates the need to have anything running on premises. You can activate user or service tracing for a running integration server in the App Connect on IBM Cloud dashboard by selecting the relevant Start trace option from the options menu [⋮]; for example:

After testing the integration to reproduce the issue, you can stop the trace activity by selecting the Stop trace option; for example:

You can also download the trace to your computer by selecting the relevant Download trace option. Note that you must first stop the trace in order to download it.

The contents of a downloaded trace file are identical to an on-premises trace file:

To erase the trace data that’s collected for an integration server, we’ve also included a couple of Reset trace options.

The addition of diagnostic tracing is the first step towards enhancing App Connect enterprise capability with on-premises tracing and debug functions. Look out for many more improvements in the near future.