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Remotely debug your enterprise integrations in IBM App Connect 

Thu July 23, 2020 09:47 AM

You can now enable remote debugging for your enterprise integrations in the latest release of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud. To get started, open the options menu for your chosen integration server in the App Connect dashboard, and select Configure remote debugging. The integration server must be in a Stopped state.

From the resulting “Configure remote debugging” panel, you can enable and disable remote debugging for all your stopped integration servers. Select the integration server that you want to enable debugging for and then specify a free port on your local computer to communicate through.

Follow the remaining instructions to set up the agent, which is required to connect your integration server to your IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit. You’ll need to download the agent configuration and then update the agent.

When completed, you’ll notice that the tile in the dashboard has changed to show that remote debugging is enabled:

You’ll also need to configure your App Connect Enterprise Toolkit to listen on the corresponding port. From the toolkit, click Run > Debug Configurations.

Then create an IBM App Connect Enterprise Debug configuration, with a host name of localhost and a Java debug port that matches your chosen port in the “Configure remote debugging” panel. Note that you’ll need to set up a separate debug configuration for each cloud integration server that you want to debug.

That’s it! The next time you start your integration server in App Connect on IBM Cloud, debug information will be available in your App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.

4 comments on"Remotely debug your enterprise integrations in IBM App Connect"

  1. Manoj Kumar Nag February 13, 2020

    Hi Ash,

    Thakns for your inputs. Even after folowing the steps I am unable to do a remote deugging.
    I am getting below error in App console.
    2020-02-13 13:42:58.611172: The secure connectivity agent for cloud systems has encountered a network error when communicating with the Switch server with URL ‘wss://’. The error message is: ‘Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND’.

    Everytime we deploy a new bar file , does it need to download the agent c file again?


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    • AshleyHarrison February 13, 2020

      Hi again Manoj,

      I’ve looked into it and we’ve identified an issue with remote debugging – thanks! We should have it up and running again by the end of tomorrow.
      If you’re uploading new BAR files, or modifying the existing ports you’re using for remote debugging, then yes you’ll have to redownload the agentc file.

      Thanks again,


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  2. Manoj Kumar Nag February 02, 2020

    Hi Team,

    Need help to configure remote debugging in ACE. Below is current setup for us.

    We have ACE installed in a citrix machine where we have developed the IIB flow and created the bar file. Same bar file has been deployed in IIB cloud.
    With this setup I am trying to configure the remote debugging.
    I have downloaded the agentc.json file however not able to find the config/iibswitch path.

    Could you help?


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    • AshleyHarrison February 04, 2020

      Hi Manoj,

      Sure. You’ll need an IntegrationServer running locally to be able to perform remote debugging.
      You can create this in several ways. Personally, I think the easiest way is using the Integration Console:
      1. Open the Toolkit -> IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit -> Open Integration Console
      2. Create a work directory with mqsicreateworkdir YOUR_PATH
      3. Start an Integration Server using that work directory: IntegrationServer --work-dir YOUR_PATH

      When you create a work directory for your integration server, your YOUR_PATH is where the config/iibswitch route lives, e.g. the route would be YOUR_PATH/config/iibswitch. I believe there should be an agentc folder – if not, simply create one yourself and place the json file inside that.

      Hope that helps!


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