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Learn how to use the new IBM Cloud Object Storage S3 node to act on the cloud data store

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Wed July 01, 2020 11:29 AM

An ‘IBM Cloud Object Storage S3’ node has been added to the IBM App Connect catalog, enabling you to create flows that can connect applications to IBM Cloud Object Storage S3, to perform actions on objects and buckets in the cloud data store.

IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (COS) S3 is ideal for holding large amounts of colder production data, such as backups and archives, and very large individual files, such as video files, image files, and genomic data. IBM’s Cloud Object Storage S3 is a reliable, durable, and resilient object storage.

There is a newly-published tutorial in the Resources section that explains how to use IBM App Connect to create an event-driven flow such that when a new contact is created in Salesforce, a “Getting Started” document is automatically downloaded from IBM Cloud Object Storage and sent to a specific folder in Dropbox. This tutorial demonstrates how to you can easily create a flow by specifying information in a simple manner.


Say you are using Salesforce to manage customers and use IBM Cloud Storage to store some related documents. You also use Dropbox to share files in folders specific to users. When a new contact is created, you want to create a folder on your Dropbox and as a first step, send a “Getting Started” document to this contact. The “Getting Started” manual is a PDF file stored in your IBM Cloud Object Storage account.

To read more about configuring this scenario, see the tutorial Creating an event-driven flow to download a file from IBM Cloud Object Storage to a Dropbox folder.