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Integrating with Salesforce using a REST API created in IBM Application Integration Suite 1.0 

Mon July 13, 2020 08:47 AM

In this article, I describe how to expose CRUD operations on Salesforce objects using a newly defined REST API in IBM Integration Bus by using new capability delivered in IBM Application Integration Suite 1.0. This fixpack contains many new features which include:

  • Enhancements to the REST API Editor so that a REST API can be created from scratch.
  • Enhancements to the Graphical Data Mapping capability so that model definitions can come from a Swagger document or a JSON schema.
  • A Salesforce Request node which allows connectivity with Salesforce so that records can be created, retrieved, updated or deleted for Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

Salesforce is a leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. By using the Salesforce Request node, you can integrate your business critical applications in your organization with Salesforce. For example, you can synchronize your master list of customers, products, prices and other business critical data with your key applications. Salesforce has many different type of objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. By using IBM Integration Bus, you can develop message flows to interact with these Salesforce objects and with a host of other service endpoints such as SAP and Oracle.

This article will show how these three new features can be used together to receive message data, transform it and send it to Salesforce. I will describe the steps to define a REST API which allows you to create, retrieve, update and delete a Salesforce Contact. The scenario will show how to quickly create a new REST API, transform the message that is received using the graphical mapping capability and send the message to Salesforce using the Salesforce Request node.

If you want to use the Salesforce Request node you need to purchase IBM Integration Bus as part of the IBM Application Integration Suite bundle. You can use the Salesforce Request node in developer mode while you are developing and testing your flows, but you cannot deploy the flow into a production environment until you have modified the integration node to run in applicationIntegrationSuite mode. You do this by running mqsimode:
mqsimode integrationNodeName –o applicationIntegrationSuite

(see attached PDF for full article)


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