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Integrating IBM App Connect with Yapily to access banking APIs

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Thu July 23, 2020 11:28 AM

Yapily provides a single, secure API interface that regulated third parties can use to request payments and data access from banks, subject to customer consent.

In the latest release of IBM App Connect, you can build flows that integrate with Yapily, enabling you to incorporate PSD2 APIs into your automated processes.

Using Yapily in App Connect

To enable integration with Yapily, you must create a connection to Yapily by providing the following account information in App Connect:

  • Application key and Application secret: If using basic authentication to establish a secure connection, specify the application key and application secret for connecting to the Yapily API.
  • Access token: If you prefer to use token-based authentication to make authorized requests for financial data, specify the access token for connecting to the Yapily API. Leave the Application key and Application secret fields blank because the access token takes precedence over the key and secret.

Once you’re connected, you can create flows to interact with any of these Yapily objects and their associated actions:

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Carlo Marcoli, Solution Architect at IBM, has written a series of blogs where he offers his views on the emergence of open information systems, discusses a logical solution for aggregating account information beyond the current traditional methods, and describes how App Connect can be used with Yapily to implement that solution. Find out more here: