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IIB Solution for SWIFT FIN Messaging (DFDL)

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Tue July 14, 2020 10:07 AM

The IBM Integration Bus Solution for SWIFT FIN Messaging enables IBM Integration Bus for parsing, processing (including validation) and writing of SWIFT FIN MT messages and provides SWIFT Network Validation equivalent in IBM Integration Bus. The solution provides significant acceleration in the development of SWIFT integration solutions.


  • Enables SWIFT FIN MT message processing on IIB 9.0 (including Express edition) and later.
  • Provides SWIFT FIN MT syntactic and semantic validation equivalent to SWIFT network validation, using Java plug-in nodes.
  • Message model implemented using DFDL schemas that are based on the SWIFT published MT-XML schemas.
  • Delivers logical data structures consistent with SWIFT MyStandards and MyStandards Base Libraries (MBL) content.
  • Available for SWIFT FIN MT standards releases 2013, 2014 and subsequent years.
  • Reduces the impact of SWIFT FIN MT annual changes through delivery of annual updates in line with SWIFT standards updates.
  • Support, maintenance and subscription provided as an ongoing annualized service.
  • On site services available for installation, education and tailoring of the solution to customer needs.

The solution is available via Supportpac IAMB.