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Wed July 29, 2020 12:33 PM

FlowThread Reporter output to CSV file

The FlowThread Reporter was introduced in fixpack and provides a way to capture a snapshot of what processing is currently happening for every MessageFlow thread in an Integration Server. The output from this command is quite verbose and is displayed on the command console. To help make this information more usable the FlowThread Reporter has been enhanced to write a subset of information to CSV files to make it easier to interpret data.

The command can be invoked using the following syntax:

mqsireportproperties myNode -e myServer -o FlowThreadReporter/CSVTime -r

An example of the output is displayed below:

Figure 1. Flowthread reporter CSV output

Additionally the FlowThread Reporter can now be invoked using the “direct deploy” style of mqsireportproperties invocation. This version of the command is particularly useful when there is an in flight deploy that is blocking the processing of a Flowthread Reporter request. In these instances the culprit is usually a message flow thread which is stuck in a synchronous wait on a back end system, such as an HTTPRequest Node with a long timeout. Previously it would not have been possible to diagnose which node was responsible using the FlowThread Reporter. The direct deploy version of the command can now be used and the the FlowThread Reporter will not have to wait for the pending configuration message to complete.

The direct deploy invocation can be made using the following syntax:

mqsireportproperties myNode -e myServer -x

The fix list contains more details about issues resolved by this maintenance release.