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IBM Integration Bus – MQInput Generic Error Handler 

Thu July 23, 2020 09:15 AM

This is the Generic Error Handling Subflow framework for IBM Integration Bus to simplify exception handling in a message flow that uses the MQInput node. Below are the benefits of using the MQ Generic Error Handling framework.

A. It’s fully functional as the Typical Error Handling Style
B. Many functions included in MQ/IIB Generic Error Handler

> Profiling the Error (System Error, Data Error)
> Retry Logic (Automatic and manual retry)
> Notification function (i.e. Email when needed)
> Stop the flow when error happens
> Auditing is enabled to log incoming, outgoing messages.

C. Reduces development time

> Can be very easily plugged by the developers
> All the parameters are configurable

D. Reduces Administration time

> Standard place to look for errors
> Standard reprocessing logic (Retry, Stop Message Flow)

Typical Error Handling Style

A. Error Happens in downstream nodes
B. Catch Terminal to catch exceptions
C. Failure Terminal

After plugging in the MQInput Generic Error Handler

1) Write to ERROR_QUEUE when Any error
2) Stop flow when Any error
3) Stop flow when a System error
4) Retry when Any error
5) Retry when System error
6) Retry and Stop flow when Any error
7) Retry and Stop flow when System error

The author would like to thank Mike (Shenfu) Fan from the IBM Software Services ISSW team,
and Forest (Mu) Lin from the IBM Watson IOT team for reviewing and helping to improve this article.

Downloadable resources
Detailed Document:IIB_MQInput_GEHS_v1_0.pdf for list of patterns.

3 comments on"IBM Integration Bus – MQInput Generic Error Handler"

  1. Satish November 10, 2019

    Thanks Sudhakar. Is there a separate one for web services or HTTP requests?

    Reply (Edit)
    • Sudhakar Bodapati November 11, 2019

      Not at this time, but its definitely a good add-on.

      Reply (Edit)
  2. SDAS May 21, 2019

    Hi Sudhakar,

    This is Subham. It was very helpful article. Thank you very much for sharing

    Reply (Edit)



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