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IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack is here! Hints and tips: Planning your installation 

Tue June 02, 2020 08:09 AM

IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack is now available.  This version adds support for OPC Classic Read and Write nodes as well as numerous quality improvements. Check out this post for hints and tips planning your installation of the pack.

For more information see the product page here:

and visit knowledge center here:

Planning your installation:

System requirements tell you about the supported environments for the pack.  Detailed information on supported platform versions and prerequisites for the IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack can be found here:

Here’s a quick breakdown at a high level to get you started:


There are two editions of the pack with identical content, but different platform support and licensing:

Factory Edition – Windows (x86-64) and Linux (x86-64) only

Enterprise Edition – Windows (x86-64), Linux (x86-64), Linux on Power, AIX, HPUX, Solaris (SPARC and x86-64)


The pack is made up of the following components:

  • OPC Classic nodes – midflow nodes to write to and read from specified tags on an OPC (Classic or DA) server
  • OPC UA nodes – a polling input node that outputs changing values for a set of tags on a OPC UA server and a midflow read node that can be used to read the current values for a set of tags on an OPC UA server
  • PI nodes – an input node that streams event data from a PI Server using a DataPipe and a midflow read node that can be used to read the current values for a set of tags on a PI Server
  • MQTT nodes – subscription and publication nodes for communicating with a MQTT server
  • Factory Publication pattern – an IBM Integration Bus pattern to help easily create applications that take data from OPC UA servers and PI Servers and output it using a choice of File, MQTT and MQ outputs

Developing and deploying applications:

Applications using any of the pack content can be developed using the IBM Integration Toolkit on Windows or Linux.

Depending on what edition you are using of IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack, there are some restrictions on where you can deploy these applications:

  • If your application contains either OPC Classic or PI nodes, it can only be deployed to an Integration Node running on Windows.  This includes applications generated from the Factory Publication Pattern that contain PI Input nodes.
  • If your application contains OPC UA nodes, then these can be deployed to any supported platform (restricted to Windows and Linux for Factory Edition users).