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IBM Integration Bus, Kubernetes and the Bluemix Container Service

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Fri July 10, 2020 07:43 AM

IBM is deploying the open-source software Kubernetes to manage container-based applications in the Bluemix environment. This article follows on from the first article in this series, and describes how to build and deploy a basic IBM Integration Bus (IIB) node in a Bluemix environment, using Kubernetes as a management tool for the IIB containers.

There is already a large and extensive set of Kubernetes documentation available. This article provides a basic implementation of IIB using Kubernetes, so if you are not familiar with Kubernetes, we recommend you review some of the many available articles. A good starting point would be the Bluemix Container Service website, at, and specifically the paragraph “Tutorials for clusters” will be helpful.

(See PDF Attached for full article)


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