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IBM Cloud Private – Foundational Use Case – Traditional IIB/MQ based ESB on ICP

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Thu July 23, 2020 06:27 AM

Deliver an ESB, integration, and messaging pattern on IBM Cloud Private (ICP) using Helm, Microclimate/Jenkins, and Github

Figure 1. A traditional IIB/MQ ESB via Helm release on ICP

The scenario shown above explores a foundational approach to the adoption of IBM Cloud Private for traditional middleware. Using a single Helm Release on IBM Cloud Private we will deploy a 4-way IBM MQ cluster with 2 active/active Gateway queue managers and active/active back office application queue managers each with a locally connected IBM Integration Bus (IIB) node. The docker images and helm charts are stored on public Github and the ICP Devops tooling, Micro Climate, and Jenkins pipeline is used to build the images and deploy the Helm Release. This 4-container deployment initializes on ICP with all IBM MQ channels resolved and started plus IBM Integration Bus message flows deployed, started, and ready to service messages for back office.

The following two diagrams show how the MQ Cluster and IIB nodes process inbound (receipt) and outbound (emission) messages.

Figure 2. MQ and IIB inbound (receipt) message processing

Figure 3. MQ and IIB outbound (emission) message processing

Video Walkthrough:

Part 1: Reviewing the IBM Cloud Private environment and deploying the ESB using Helm and Microclimate

Part 2: Orientation around the Github repositories the ESB Helm release is deployed from

Part 3: Review the ESB Helm Release results on IBM Cloud Private and testing MQ and IIB

Part 4: Upgrading the ESB MQ version from v904 to v905

Part 5: Observing the results of the MQ upgrade in the MQ Console

Review the collateral on Github at:


    The MQ4WAYCLUS-LCIIB repository delivers the MQ Docker Image build used by GWQM1 and GWQM2 containers plus the Helm charts for the full GWQM1, GWQM2, APPQM1(with IIB) and APPQM2(with IIB) helm release.


    The IIB-MQ-SPLIT-HELM respository delivers the MQ+IIB Docker Image build used by APPQM1 and APPQM2 in the helm charts in MQ4WAYCLUS-LCIIB. IIB-MQ-SPLIT-HELM does container helm charts such that this repository can also be used standalone to deliver a single MQ+IIB container build.