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Tue April 25, 2023 03:09 PM

IBM App Connect has always provided customers with considerable choice and flexibility in delivering our powerful iPaaS. IBM empowers both business users and integrations specialists, whether that's through deployment flexibility, user interface, choice of packaging & pricing models, or the control of software vs convenience of SaaS. 

We are now expanding even further with the general availability of IBM App Connect as a Service on AWS. This is part of the journey in our 
recent strategic partnership announcement between IBM & AWS, delivering IBM Software-as-a-Service on AWS.

IBM App Connect directly meets the needs of businesses with digital transformation & modernization projects, where AWS is the cloud provider. 
Use pre-built, no-code, connectors, including Amazon applications:  DynamoDB, MemoryDB for Redis, RDS, Redshift Data Warehouse, S3, Lambda, SNS, SQS, Eventbridge, EC2, Cloudwatch. 

In the trial, you are able to experience the product at full capacity with the following:

  • Trial Benefits: Get up to 1000 virtual processor core hours for 30 days at no cost to evaluate the full product features.
  • Multifunctional integration platform: Create APIs, act on events, and integrate data. 
  • No code-guided tooling: User-Centric tooling to make it easy for users to drag and drop prebuilt components to create integrations in minutes. 
  • Advanced enterprise platform: Design and develop integrations with unparalleled flexibility and desired customization.
  • AI-powered solution: Unify, map, and transform data of all architectural styles with a few clicks. 

We also have a great blog written by Martin Ross titled "App Connect Enterprise as a Service (iPaaS) on AWS - Technical Overview,"  where Martin walks us through the product and some of its new capabilities. 

Do not forget to get your free trial by visiting the IBM App Connect on AWS Trial Page.



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