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IBM App Connect Enterprise – Create, edit and deploy a message flow using keystrokes

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Thu July 23, 2020 11:39 AM

We have just released a video which demonstrates the accessibility of our offerings by showing how to create, edit, package and deploy a message flow in the Eclipse-based Toolkit Development environment by using keyboard strokes only.

Featured in the video

  • Captions showing end to end sequence of keyboard strokes to create, configure, edit, package and deploy a message flow.
  • Screen captures showing navigation round the interface and interaction with menus and other icons.
  • Voice-over describing where and when to apply the keystrokes and the expected output at each stage.
  • Descriptions of additional keystrokes needed when alternative paths are available to the user.

For the benefit of visually impaired users, some sections of the video have been extracted and written as tutorials. These include transcripts of the announcements made by JAWS screenreader alongside the corresponding keystrokes. The tutorials are available as follows:

Add a node to a message flow by using the keyboard
Move a node on the canvas by using the keyboard
Connect nodes by using the keyboard