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IBM App Connect Enterprise Certified Container V2.0.0 available on IBM Cloud Private

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Thu July 23, 2020 11:05 AM

We have just released V2.0.0 of the IBM App Connect Enterprise Certified Container, which picks up the latest IBM App Connect Enterprise fix pack release as well as other enhancements. This is available both as a production edition, available in a PPA via IBM Passport Advantage (Part CC2MKML), and a developer edition. For the latter, re-syncing your Helm repos in IBM Cloud Private should result in the dashboard chart appearing in the catalog.

New Features

The updates in this release include:

  • IBM Cloud Private Level 2 certification
  • Includes IBM App Connect Enterprise V11.0.0.5
  • Includes IBM MQ V9.1.2
  • Use of UBI Base images
  • All images certified by Red Hat – see Red Hat Container Catalog
  • Changes in permission requirements
    • You no longer need to be an IBM Cloud Private cluster admin to install; administrator is now sufficient
    • Images that use App Connect Enterprise and MQ images no longer need to run as root or with the privileged role, and can run under any uid
  • Support for configuring callable flows
  • We’ve hidden the server tile from the catalog to present a simpler first user experience

The latest certified container supports IBM Cloud Private V3.2.0.1906.

We have deprecated the ibm-ace-server-rhel* and ibm-ace-server-rhel* charts as there is no longer a requirement to run specific charts when running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP). As a result of rebasing onto UBI images, we can now ship a single set of charts which are suitable for users on RHOCP and those on other Kubernetes distributions.

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  1. Niraj Pandey March 03, 2020


    I have a need to connect to a db2 database from ACEcc container/pod.
    However, I don’t see a db2 driver available.
    Do we have any alternate way of making db2 odbc connections?

    Reply (Edit)