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How to process and route file-based records to HTTP web service endpoints in IBM Integration Bus v10 Open Beta

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Mon June 01, 2020 10:09 AM

Interested in patterns for IBM Integration Bus? We have released the “Record Distribution: HTTP one-way” pattern for the IBM Integration Bus v10 Open Beta. You can use this pattern to process and route file-based records to HTTP web service endpoints. We have also incorporated a sample within the pattern containing a ready-to-use environment that you can use to deploy and test the pattern in just a few clicks.
To locate and install this pattern, within the IBM Integration v10 Open Beta Toolkit
  1. Open the Pattern Explorer view.
  2. Look in the Pattern Repositories > OT4I GitHub Experimental Repository > File Processing > Record Distribution directory.

The following figure shows you graphically how to locate and install the pattern:

We have also open-sourced the pattern and made it available on GitHub. The latest patternzip binary and source files can be accessed at the following URL:

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