How do your flows compare?

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Fri May 15, 2020 06:25 AM

An exciting new feature in IBM Integration Bus version 9.0 is the capability to compare the performance of running flows. Do you want to find out how a message flow is performing in comparison to the rest of your message flows in a node, server or application? Here is how.

In the web user interface, you can start the collecting of snapshot accounting and statistics data for your message flows and then see what you got.

Log on to the IIB web UI by pointing your browser to an address of the type <host>: <web_admin_portnumber>, say http://localhost:4414.

Expand the explorer tree until you find the message flow for which you want to capture accounting and statistics. Click the down arrow next to the message flow and then click "Statistics on" in the context menu.

If you want to start the collection of statistics data for all message flows in a server (execution group), or application, click the down arrow next to the required resource and then click "Statistics on" in the context menu. All your flows in your chosen resource will then collect statistics.

Do you want to see which message flow has processed the most messages? Do you want to see which message flow has the largest number of failures, uses the most threads, or uses the most CPU on average?

Now you're all set to see this.

Select in the tree the resource that interests you, the node, server, application, library or service. This will bring out the details for that resource. New in version 9 is a tab called "Statistics" that shows what it says on the tin : the statistics for the flows running on that resource.

The "Message Rate" column details how many messages are being processed per second. That's how your flows are ordered by default.

The table shows you live, up-to-date data. Every twenty seconds the new statistics are automatically updated and the flows are re-ordered. Click on Active threads or Backouts columns if you want the flows ordered by those criteria.

Stay tuned for additional posts on the topic!!!!!