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CallableFlowAsyncInvoke and CallableFlowAsyncResponse nodes

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Thu July 09, 2020 04:05 PM

In this video I introduce the new CallableFlowAsyncInvoke and CallableFlowAsyncResponse nodes that have been provided in IBM Integration Bus v10 Fixpack 8 and take you through a scenario which demonstrates how they can be used.

In the scenario, I show a flow running on a windows machine which is using a Loopback Request node to retrieve entries from a collection in a MongoDB database. The flow has CallableInput and CallableReply nodes so that it can be invoked from
another message flow. There is a bar file with 10 additional instances configured so it can handle multiple requests in parallel.
I have a separate flow using a CallableFlowInvoke node running on a Linux machine which sends requests to the flow on windows and processes responses.
We can see that a bottleneck occurs as the server flow is not responding quickly enough before the next message arrives on the input queue on the client flow. Consequently, a backlog of messages is queued up waiting to be processed.
By handling the requests and responses between the message flows asynchronously, I demonstrate how this bottleneck can be eradicated.