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Basic Introduction to Using the LoopBackRequest node

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Mon July 13, 2020 11:22 AM


IBM Integration Bus v10.0.0.6 provides the LoopBackRequest node which is a new node that allows flow developers to easily create, retrieve, update and delete data records in external systems such as MongoDB, Cloudant and PostgreSQL.

The LoopBackRequest node uses the LoopBack framework to facilitate interaction with external systems through LoopBack connectors. LoopBack is an open source Node.js framework that can be extended by downloading and installing connectors from a large open source catalog using the ‘npm’ tool. The LoopBack framework also allows you to develop and use your own connectors.

This article will provide a simple example to introduce how to use the LoopBackRequest node to retrieve documents from MongoDB, a no-SQL database, and the setup that’s necessary to achieve that. The example will illustrate how to install the LoopBack MongoDB connector to make it available in the Integration Node runtime environment and the configuration that’s required to enable connection to a MongoDB database using the connector through the LoopBackRequest node.

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