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Application isolation for Java in IBM Integration Bus V10 (and V9.0.0.3!)

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Tue July 14, 2020 09:43 AM


Previous releases of IBM Integration Bus, starting with IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8, do not provide Java class loader isolation for Java classes deployed within applications. This can cause unexpected behaviour during deployment or runtime when Java classes are deployed within multiple applications to a single integration server.

IBM Integration Bus V10 introduces application isolation for Java, and enables this support by default for all new applications. This support has also been back ported and released as part of fix pack 3 for V9 (V9.0.0.3), but in V9 the support is disabled by default to avoid changing behaviour as part of a fix pack upgrade.

It is possible that this new functionality may effect existing integration solutions which have been built to rely on the lack of Java class loader isolation. Users with existing integration solutions that make use of Java classes should review this article for details on these changes and potential migration issues before migrating those solutions to V10.

(see attached PDF for full article)


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