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App Connect Enterprise V11 migration approach

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Thu July 09, 2020 08:10 AM

IBM® App Connect Enterprise Version 11.0 supports parallel migration and extract migration to migrate your application logic to Version 11.0 systems.
If you want to reproduce the integration node function on another computer, you can use parallel migration to associate the application logic on your existing integration node with a separate Version 11.0 integration node.

By using extract migration, you can migrate existing integration server configuration and resources to IBM App Connect Enterprise Version 11.0. Please refer to this Knowledge Center link for more details.

In this article, we attempt to provide a schematic view of migration options from IBM Integration Bus V9/V10 and some key considerations which may assist you in deciding your migration strategy. Although there is no direct migration path available from WMB V8 to ACE V11 (via mqsiextractcomponents), we depict the possible approach you could adopt to migrate from WMB V8 to ACE V11.

For the full article, please open the attached PDF.


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