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Adding a completion step to your IBM App Connect batch process

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Thu July 09, 2020 05:35 AM

Batch processes have been available in IBM App Connect for a while now – see this post from March – but we’ve also recently added the ability to define actions that you want to carry out once your batch has completed.

For example, you might want to automatically record the number of records that were processed in a spreadsheet. Or you might want to alert someone in your organisation with an email or Slack message if the batch process failed to retrieve records, or timed out. You can add actions in the batch completion step by clicking the plus sign after the


Figure 1. The enlarged plus icon in the completion section of the batch process shows where actions can be added.

Note that your batch completion steps will be carried out when the batch:

  • completes successfully
  • has a problem retrieving records from the selected application
  • is stopped by the user, using the ‘Stop batch’ option in the batch dialog
  • times out

However, you might want to carry out different actions depending on the completion status of the batch (in other words, how it completed – successfully, failing to retrieve items from an application, was stopped, or timed out). You can easily do this using conditional logic:

Figure 2. Adding actions that are based on the status of the batch process

In the completion step of your batch process, you can make use of several useful pieces of information about the batch:

  • The batch ID
  • The batch status (complete, retrieve failed, stopped, timed out)
  • The total number of processed records, and a breakdown of how many were successful, failed, or cancelled
  • The start and end times of the batch

You can also use the batch completion step to initiate another batch process, chaining batch processes together in sequence.

For an example of a flow that uses a batch completion step, select Templates in the App Connect UI, and choose the “Sync Salesforce Leads between accounts and check and record state” template.