Add a node to a message flow by using the keyboard

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Tue June 02, 2020 07:02 AM

Guy Whitehouse and Kevin McEwen.
Published on July 24, 2014 / Updated on March 22, 2016

Accessibility features help users who have a physical disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully.

In IBM Integration Bus v10 Open Beta, to add a node to a message flow by using the keyboard, you must complete the following steps:

(Note: Before you can complete the following steps, you must start Integration Studio. Then, create a project, and create a message flow. )

Step 1: Open the Editors window.

Key Strokes: Ctr F7 ( to open list view)

JAWS announcement: “ Control F7 dialog list view Properties two of twelve to move through items use the arrow keys. “

Step 2: Navigate to the Editor Pane

Keystrokes: Up down arrow keys to select Editor Pane

JAWS announcement: JAWS announces the names of the items in the list as they are highlighted e.g. “Application Development”, “Patterns Explorer “ , “Properties”

Keystrokes: Enter to confirm selection and place focus in Editor Pane

JAWS announcement: “ Enter tab “

Step 3: Open the Context Menu

Keystrokes: Shift F10 to open context menu

JAWS announcement: “ Shift F10 Context menu to navigate use up or down arrow add node dot dot dot A “

Step 4: Select “Add Node”

Keystroke: Up down arrows to select “Add Node”

JAWS announcement: JAWS announces names of items in list followed by the keyboard shortcut which can be used to action the item followed by “selected” to confirm where focus is.

Keystroke: when cursor is on “Add Node” press enter to confirm selection

JAWS announcement: “Enter Leaving menus “

Step 5: Open the list of Node Types

JAWS announcement (continued from above) “”Add Node dialog filter node name left parent? Equals any character star equals any string right parent colon edit type or text alt plus F”

Keystroke: Enter to open list of node types.

Step 6: Select the type of node required

Keystroke: Up down arrow keys to select type of node required from list of node types (in this example, WebSphere MQ has been selected as the node type)

JAWS announcement: “ blank tree view WebSphere MQ closed one of twenty to move through or expand use the arrow keys “

Step 7: Expand the list of available nodes under selected node type.

Keystroke: Right arrow key to expand list of available nodes under selected node type.

JAWS announcement: “ Level zero WebSphereMQ opened six items to move through or expand use the arrow keys. “

Step 8: Select the required node from the expanded list

Keystroke: Down arrow key to select required node.

JAWS announcement: “ Level 1 MQInput one of six “

Step 9: Navigate to OK button

Keystroke: Tab to navigate to OK button.

JAWS announcement: “ OK button to activate press space bar “

Keystroke: Space to confirm add. (Node is added to canvas)

JAWS announcement: “ Space tab “