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A Reference Architecture for Hybrid Integration

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Mon July 13, 2020 11:46 AM

Watch the video of Kim Clark’s session at the recent Enterprise Integration Summit online event. The summit is organised by Integration Developer News and attended by Enterprise Architects, IT Operations and Integration professionals, all seeking information about the next technologies helping them accomplish their ‘digital business’ and ‘digital transformation’ projects.

Kim’s session took the audience on a tour of IBM’s Integration Reference Architecture providing a glimpse into the complexities of a real integration architecture, conveying some perfect world scenarios then introducing IBM’s Hybrid Integration vision, ie. one cohesive offering which serves all integration needs via the IBM Application Integration Suite.

(video courtesy of Enterprise Integration Summit: Integration Developer News. )

You can also read Kim’s publication, The Evolving Hybrid Integration Architecture where he explains in detail the core capabilities of Hybrid Integration and the role and requirements of the lines of business.