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IBM App Connect for Manufacturing

We've recently published a brochure with a collection of material about IBM App Connect for Manufacturing. Clicking on this link will open the 4 page brochure, also attached is a downloadable PDF. Inside you'll find clickable links to demos, blog posts, technical articles, documentation and...

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IBM App Connect for Manufacturing Demo

Watch a demo using the IBM App Connect Enterprise toolkit with manufacturing plug-ins. #AppConnect #manufacturing #ACEManufacturing #Toolkit

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Configuring a SAP Inbound connection from an IBM App Connect Container running in Cloud Pak for Integration

Co-authors - Amar Shah & Dilip Kumar In this article, we describe the configuration and steps required for running a SAP Inbound Adapter based message flow in IBM App Connect Enterprise running in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I). This particular scenario is focused on the SAP...

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Automation of business transaction reconciliation using App Connect and IBM MQ across application

Co-Author - Abhinav Priyadarshi Reducing time for disaster recovery is crucial for organizations needing to achieve operational resiliency. This article helps CIOs, CTOs and IT development teams understand the complexity of maintaining stateful transaction processing with participating...

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Migrating IBM Integration Bus flows to IBM App Connect on OpenShift/IBM Cloud Pak for Integration – UDP Use Case

Co-Author - Amar Shah The approaches discussed here are applicable for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration operators-based release and have been validated on CP4I 2020.4 and CP4I 2021.1. User Defined Properties (UDPs) have been a great tool in IBM Integration Bus/WebSphere Message Broker to...

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IBM App Connect: [“What’s New?”] Introducing Preview Mode for Mapping intelligent suggestions from AI enabled Mapping Assist.

Contributors: Thanmayi Mruthyunjaya, Nagarjuna Surabathina, Matu Agarwal Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of integration development, shorten time to value, and improve the overall user experience by providing...

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IBM AppConnect [What’s New]: Customised map suggestions from AI-powered Mapping Assist based on user flow history

Contributors: Saptarshi Misra , Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value and improve overall user experience by providing intelligent data map...

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Bring your own IBM App Connect custom server image, let OpenShift automate the rest – a teaser demo

Can I bring my own IBM App Connect custom server image? The answer is "yes you can!". But before that, you might be asking what an IBM App Connect image is and why you would ever want to customize that image yourself. Let’s play backward a little bit… You have your integration...

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IBM App Connect - Customer Connect Newsletter

This is the second of our quarterly IBM App Connect, Customer Connect newsletters. In this edition we share a recap of 2020 and take a look at some of the highlights for 2021. We share details about IBM Cloud Pak for Integration releases and disclose the new connectors that are available. We...

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Using IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility in App Connect

IBM® Sterling Inventory Visibility is a stand-alone cloud service solution that seamlessly integrates with any commerce solution and provides accurate real-time global visibility information. With IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility, you can have a single, centralized, and accurate view of real...

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