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Why should we manage streams of events?

Alan Chatt, Dale Lane Managing event interfaces in the same way we manage APIs is a concept we've been thinking about for a while and with the first release of Event Endpoint Management last month we took the first step towards making this a reality. To introduce the concept of...

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Using MirrorMaker 2

MirrorMaker 2 is the Apache Kafka tool for replicating data across two Kafka clusters. You can use it to make a copy of messages on your Kafka cluster to a remote Kafka cluster running on a different data centre, and keep that copy up to date in the background. In this post, I describe two...

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IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud Private leveraging the Kafka MQ Connector

Published on February 24, 2019 IBM Event Streams Kafka Hub and MQ Hosted integration with the Kafka MQ Connector In this new article we’ll explore the integration of IBM MQ and IBM Event Streams leveraging the Kafka MQ Source Connector to take MQ Messages from MQ...