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Tips on Installing IBM Event Streams on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

IBM Event Streams helps in deploying Production ready Apache Kafka on to Redhat Open Shift Cluster in minutes. IBM Event Streams deployment is production ready, Highly available and Secure. Each instance created is a Kafka Cluster. Event Streams is an operator-based release . ...

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Generating Workloads with a Kafka Producer Application

INTRODUCTION As you begin to validate the performance capabilities of your Kafka cluster, it’s a good idea to have a firm understanding of your scaling, throughput, and performance requirement. The workload generator application allows you to generate like workloads that represents your...

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Using IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 with IBM Event Streams - video

Published on January 30, 2020 In this video I demonstrate some new capability in IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.0.0.7 that has been added for integration with IBM Event Streams using the Kafka nodes. I will be demonstrating the new KafkaRead node and using a Kafka policy. ...