Webinar: Unlocking Real-Time Events from IBM MQ Data

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When:  Oct 11, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)


What if you could tap into the data flowing through IBM MQ to detect new patterns and trends, addressing customer issues or competitive threats as they arise? This session will  discuss how to easily begin sourcing real-time events from mission-critical MQ messages without any interruption or architectural changes. We will cover Kafka source and sink connectors for IBM MQ, streaming queues for seamless integration, and how you can begin putting your MQ events to work with IBM Event Automation.  

  • IBM MQ can serve as a key source of real-time events representing business transactions and changes. MQ-Kafka source and sink connectors in IBM Event . Automation enable seamless connectivity between IBM MQ and Event Streaming, turning messages into real-time business events.
  • When connected to IBM MQ, IBM Event Automation makes it easy to put events to work. Both business and IT teams can define critical scenarios in an intuitive authoring canvas and detect them in real-time.

Key Speakers

Matt Sunley - Program Director - Product Management, IBM Event Integration

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Michael Williams