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  • 1.  Trello connection

    Posted 13 days ago
    I am trying to retrieve cards from a list in Trello.  But when I run the flow it says it can't find anything.

    Is the Board ID simple the name of the Board? or it something else? The documentation appears very lite to me in this area.

    I know I am connected to the account and created a new account just to be sure and was successful.     I am at a loss....and need help.

    In the appconnect logs i see this:

      "errorDetail": "invalid id",
      "id": "GOs37BCOo",
      "connectorName": "Trello"

    Fabio White

  • 2.  RE: Trello connection

    Posted 11 days ago
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    Hi Fabio,
    The Board ID is the internal ID that Trello uses to identify the board.  The Atlassian community has advice how to get the ID manually through a JSON view of the board, but that's not needed with App Connect.

    In App Connect, you might get the board ID by retrieving your boards (a Trello / Retrieve boards action), and then selecting the board by name.

    However, to retrieve cards from a list in Trello, the Trello / Retrieve lists action lets you select your team and board by name, so you only need to get the list ID by selecting the list by name from the array of lists returned by Retrieve lists.  (Similar to how you might select a board by name from an array of boards returned by a Retrieve boards action.)

    For example, after a Trello / Retrieve lists action, you might use the following to get the ID of the list with the name "Interconnect" from the array of lists {{$TrelloRetrievelists}} returned by the action:

    You can use that expression in the List ID condition of the Trello / Retrieve cards action.

    There are several ways to find the expressions for mapped values, like the array of lists; for example, you can click the value then select the Edit expression option, or copy the value then paste into a text editor.  You can then edit the expression, and if appropriate paste the updated expression into a field of App Connect.

    I attach a sample flow yaml file with some Trello, Log, and Slack actions that show use of such techniques.  You can import and view the flow, and perhaps copy and paste fields of use. 

    - The sample flow uses Set variable actions for edited expressions; this allows reference to variables by name like ListID.  Alternatively, you could use the updated expressions instead.
    - The Slack / Send message action uses the JSONata $join function to add some newlines to the message.


    Ian Larner
    IBM UK Ltd


  • 3.  RE: Trello connection

    Posted 6 days ago
    Awesome! Ian thank you for the detailed explanation and sample flow, that always helps.

    Fabio White