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Support for CD versions: 2 years?

  • 1.  Support for CD versions: 2 years?

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon July 31, 2023 08:51 AM

    I have just found on this page:

    Lifecycle policy
        Continuous Delivery (C): minimum 2 years support with extension of 1 year   

     I thought the CD versions only had one year of support. Has anything changed?


    Luc-Michel Demey

  • 2.  RE: Support for CD versions: 2 years?

    Posted Mon July 31, 2023 11:10 AM

    Hi Luc-Michel,

    Since 9.0 MQ has technically been aligned with IBM's CD lifecycle policy, as this policy gives the flexibility to offer multiple release streams(CD and LTS) with differing support models. Current CD versions are "in support" for more than a year in the sense that a support case can be opened against them while the parent V.R level (9.3 in this case) is in support, but due to the faster moving pace of this release stream code fixes are only offered for CD levels that are less than 12 months old (or the latest or latest-1 CD release) as described in .

    Chris Leonard