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  • 1.  resaon Code 2012

    Posted 23 days ago
    An error of easonCode2012 is occurring.
    What is the cause of this error?
    Connect using server connection channel with IBM MQ with below settings
    *Local connection from MQ server using server connection channel
    ・export LD_LIBARY_PATH=/opt/mqm/mqcl/lib64
    → Store MQ client library separately (amqscputc uses C language dynamic library)
    ・Local connection from MQ server using server connection channel
    ・Export MQSEREVR =QEACLINT1/tcp/localhost(1414)
    *CHLAUTH is QMGR and set to DISABLED, so there are no channel access restrictions.
    ./amqscputc QUE QMGR
    MQCCONX ended With 2012
    Added: I had similar results with the default server connection channel (SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN).

    トシミ クロサワ

  • 2.  RE: resaon Code 2012

    IBM Champion
    Posted 23 days ago

    There is a long list of possible reasons for MQRC_ENVIRONMENT_ERROR (2012) on this page in IBM Docs for MQ.

    Reviewing that list knowing that you are using amqsputc - a C language program - and all we know about what it is coded to do; and that you are on Linux (a guess from the use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the /opt/mqm path and exporting your environment variables); and that you are making a client connection, then I think the following possibilities from the list on that page are the most likely:

    • The application is linked to unsupported libraries.
    • The application is linked to the wrong libraries (threaded or nonthreaded)
    • An MQ client application that has been configured to use automatic reconnection attempted to connect using a channel defined with SHARECNV(0).

    Hope that helps. Please come back with more details and we can help you further.


    Morag Hughson
    MQ Technical Education Specialist
    MQGem Software Limited

  • 3.  RE: resaon Code 2012

    Posted 21 days ago
    As a result of configuring the library path with two paths, the server path /opt/mqm/lib64 and the client path, the problem in 2012 was resolved. Since I used the LIB used on the app side, I will try to install it correctly again.
    Thank you for your support.

    トシミ クロサワ