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  • 1.  Multiple certificate for .net client

    Posted Wed April 26, 2023 03:42 AM


    we host multiple MQ client applications (.net) in the same server and every application connects to the remote Queue manager using a dedicated channel and certificate. This setup wasn't working after we upgrade the MQ client to 9.2. I was looking for a option to specify the certificate label for each application that it takes to connect to the remote Queue manager. I do not find any option to specify multiple client certificates in mqclient.ini SSL stanza. Is there any possible solution for this approach?


    Navaneeth Sakthi

  • 2.  RE: Multiple certificate for .net client

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu April 27, 2023 04:53 AM

    I would suggest a separate mqclient.ini file for each application. Remember that you can put the mqclient.ini file in the same folder as the application and it will locate it easily.


    Morag Hughson
    MQ Technical Education Specialist
    MQGem Software Limited

  • 3.  RE: Multiple certificate for .net client

    Posted Thu April 27, 2023 06:23 AM

    Thank you Morag! It worked.

    Navaneeth Sakthi