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Welcome to the community group for DataPower Gateway users to discuss, blog, and share resources. Here, you can share best practices and ask questions about all things DataPower Gateway including DataPower Virtual, DataPower Physical and more.

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  • Hi Steve Many thanks Steve for your feedback. Yes I was aware of this limitation when repeated elements are not consecutive. As you may have noticed, the xslt is based on following-sibling to determine whether or not the elements belong ...

  • Hi Bruno, Your stylesheets look similar to what I wrote for the v5 out of the box policies, which of course are badgerfish aware :-). Just a FYI, one bug I had to resolve for xml to json was one customer had repeating XML elements that were not consecutive ...

  • Hi Abhishek, I agree with Joseph. I'd suggest you start a packet capture with a filter that specifies host <ip of your backend server> . If your connection is https, then request the ssl session keys as part of the capture. You can use wireshark ...

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  • A huge congratulations to this year’s IBM Champions! We are thrilled to recognize these individuals who have gone above and beyond across our Integration community. For more information on the program and the full list of 2023 IBM Champions, read our ...

  • IBM relies on users like you to share your experience with IBM DataPower. People trust you - Peer review sites are getting more popular, with 45% of people using reviews as a key part of their purchase decision. When people look up reviews, your company's ...

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