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  • 1.  ibmint crashes on windows

    Posted Mon January 17, 2022 06:12 AM
    Edited by Richard Huegill Mon January 17, 2022 06:19 AM
    I just tried to use the new "ibmint" command on windows:
    ibmint generate tests --recorded-messages C:\richard\projects\mb_precise_git\mb-precise-demos\workspaces\workspace_simpletest-ACE\gen1\messages --output-test-project C:\richard\projects\mb_precise_git\mb-precise-demos\workspaces\workspace_simpletest-ACE\gen1\TestSimpleProject_Test1 --java-class com.bct.richard.tests

    And when in runs it comes back with an error: "ibmint.exe has stopped working"

    And then I get these messages in the console:
    "BIP15215I: Found '1' recorded messages in directory 'C:\richard\projects\mb_precise_git\mb-precise-demos\workspaces\workspace_simp
    BIP15216I: Generating test project from recorded messages.
    BIP9842E: No recorded messages which match the filter criteria in directory, 'C:\richard\projects\mb_precise_git\mb-precise-demos\

    In messages I have a single file:

    Any suggestions on if there is a workaround ?

    Also when I create a test from the tooklit I don't get a "settings.gradle" or a "build.gradle".
    So I'm not having any luck copiling the Jar myself. Does anyone have example gradle files they could share ?

    Richard Huegill

  • 2.  RE: ibmint crashes on windows

    Posted Wed February 02, 2022 04:18 AM

    For the 'ibmint generate tests' to generate a test it needs (at least) 2 messages, the input message for the message flow node, and the 'expected' output message from the message flow node. The test which is generated invokes the message flow node using the input message and then compares the actual output message with the expected message as read from the file. (btw. there is a recent report of the error handling not being perfect in the ibmint generate tests command which will be fixed in a forthcoming fix pack so it is likely the exception you encountered will be fixed by this update).

    Hopefully this helps, as for the next steps it depends on what you want to do. If you want to write tests in the toolkit and then export the test project for it to be built outside the toolkit then yes you can copy the gradle build files from a test project created by the "ibmint generate tests" command into the exported test project and use them to build it. 

    Trevor Lobban