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Topics for Upcoming Community Calls

  • 1.  Topics for Upcoming Community Calls

    Posted Wed February 16, 2022 10:43 AM
    Here are the proposed topics we discussed at the kickoff meeting for the year.  Hopefully I captured them correctly.  We are still targeting one a month.  Please review and comment on your top 3.  I will compile the list.

    • DataPower Product Management
    • DataPower Interfaces
      • Rest XML
      • Remote http
      • Web Services
    • API Gateway - What is it and best practices
    • DPOD Best Practices and Demo
    • TLS
    • Physical migration to K8s and Virtual
    • DataPower Orchestration and Cache
    • IMS and DataPower
    • DevOps and DataPower - This will be next week.
    • Performance and Capacity Planning
    • Security Hardening
    • DataPower Linux and Docker
    • Working with DataPower L2 and L3 Support


    George Inness

  • 2.  RE: Topics for Upcoming Community Calls

    Posted Thu February 17, 2022 05:18 AM
    Hi George,
    Can you share the schedule too? Looking forward for the sessions as topics are interesting.

    Nitish Sinha